About Us

Our top level objective is to provide Asia based expatriates and their families with information on a wide range of insurance and lifestyle products to make the most of their time spent abroad.

There is nothing like peace of mind knowing you and your family are prepared for the unexpected. We are passionate about understanding our customers’ needs, and are able to recommend independent brokers offering insurance solutions covering health, property, travel, and more, all tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.

We are happy and proud to provide our clients with information on the best insurance products, claim reimbursement procedures, English speaking medical facilities in your area, and many other areas of expertise.

Our Vision
To make it easier for expatriates in Asia to enjoy and benefit from their time spent abroad.

Our Value
We are very selective in locating the best independent insurance brokers, who are able to offer the best health insurance plans to clients across a broad community of expatriates living and working in Asia.

Our Strategy
Rather than simply offer information on every kind of health insurance available to individuals and families living abroad, we only present information on a small selection of the best available on the market, in terms of overall quality of service and cost performance.

All mainland China based inquires are handled by independent, licensed agencies/brokers, under authorization of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC). Use our Contact form for inquiries.