Asia Health provides insurance agency services to international expatriates, We introduce the best possible insurance options for both health and life insurance.

There is nothing like peace of mind knowing you and your family are prepared for the unexpected. We are passionate about understanding our customers and insurance needs, and are able to recommend insurance solutions tailored to suit individual needs and budgets.

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We are happy and proud to provide our clients with information on the best insurance products, claim reimbursement procedures, English speaking medical facilities in your area, and many other areas of expertise.

Asia Health has been designed to focus on medical insurance for expatriates and those who have immigrated to various parts of the world. Based in Singapore, we offer a wide variety of products for people to choose from at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer worldwide medical insurance. A variety of policies can be offered to our clients, which is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the companies out there. When you are looking for either travel insurance or medical insurance for going overseas, we can offer you the affordable policy you need to have the coverage that you are looking for.

Finding health insurance is often an overwhelming process. There are dozens of companies out there and many don’t offer the plans that you want. It can be a time consuming task to find a policy that will cover doctor visits, hospital stays and a variety of other medical expenses. We have created Expat Health Asia as your go-to company for medical insurance. Whether you continue to travel around the world or you have settled down locally, you need to have an insurance policy that you can rely on.

We work with a lot of the top insurance providers to get you the low prices you can count on. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to get you just what you need because this is what we feel is important.

Insurance Products

Expat Health Asia offers an extensive range of services to provide you with worldwide medical insurance. You can choose from medical insurance as well as travel insurance to provide you with coverage no matter where your travels take you.

While our primary focus is expatriates working overseas, we offer many different policies to help cover your medical expenses. Whether you reside in Asia or you continue to travel the world, it’s important to choose a policy that will make health care affordable to you.

Students, expatriates, immigrants, travelers and residents alike will find the necessary policies right here at Expat Health Asia. When you need travel or medical health insurance, we can locate the policy for you.

Contact us today to find out what policy is right for you. Our staff will work with you to find the most affordable policy to ensure you get the coverage you need at the price you want to pay.