China Health Insurance

We work with both leading international and Chinese health insurers to build medical insurance plans that work best for your budget and lifestyle. Our international insurers include brand names such as Cigna, Bupa, Allianz and Aetna who each have an extensive medical care provider networks in China these international insurers often provide direct billing and include coverage globally.

The Chinese insurers we work with include major insurers such as Ping An, PICC, ICBC-AXA, China Pacific and Taking Insurance who are regulated by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. These China health insurers have extensive medical care provider networks in China and plans denominated in Renminbi and also provide claims support in English, Chinese and other major languages.

Our extensive knowledge of China health insurance plans, guarantees that you will be provided with the best coverage where and when you need it. As China health Insurance brokers, we bring you expert advice on choosing the right health Insurance plans.

Why is China health insurance coverage important?

Health insurance is one of the major concerns for expatriates moving to or living in China. First, you need to know that in China, hospitals (public or private) and ambulances won’t usually treat you if you don’t have insurance, or if you’re not able to pay for the treatments upfront. Usually not eligible for any social scheme in China and/or willing to go to an international hospital, expatriates need to subscribe to private medical insurance to cover medical costs that can occur.

What should people look for in an China insurance provider?

Benefits What is covered in my plan? What is not covered? Where am I covered? Which hospitals can I access? The answers depend on the level of coverage you’re looking for. The more comprehensive the benefits, the more expensive the premium will be. Service How efficient is my insurer when an issue arises? We recommend you contact a broker who has experience working with most of the insurers so they can help guide you to the one that best suits your family’s needs. Note: the premium offered by a broker should be the exact same as the one offered by the insurer. Stability of the Insurer If an insurer looks too good to be true, get more information from an impartial source. Some insurers will offer excessively attractive rates to enroll a maximum of clients. When claims arise, they might not be able to honor the rates they initially promised and you might have a renewal offer with a 100 percent increase.

What are the main types of China health insurance?

It’s difficult to identify main types of health insurance as different profiles (i.e. age, nationality, single, family, etc.) will have a varying degree of requirements, sensibilities, and knowledge about the medical insurance they want and/or need.

What is normally covered and what isn’t?

The level of coverage depends on the type of plan you choose. Generally speaking, insurers cover the risk of an event to occur. Therefore, they should cover you if you declare symptoms that did not exist before joining the plan. Insurers can also choose not to offer coverage for conditions that happened before joining the plan (pre-existing conditions), but this depends on the insurer.

How much does China health insurance cost?

There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to the cost of insurance, such as age, level of coverage, family status, etc. It’s best to receive quotes from different insurance companies in order to compare what’s available on the market. What if people move to China with their own health insurance plan? Would it cover them in China? Some people move to China with their own health insurance and it’s perfectly fine. Just make sure that the benefits and sub-limits are high enough to offer good coverage in China. Also, it’s crucial to make sure your insurer has the experience to offer a Guarantee of Payment to the hospitals in case of hospitalization. Otherwise, you will need to pay out-of-pocket and then claim the money back. Finally, it’s most important to know how long your insurer will allow you to renew your plan while your primary country of residence is China. There are cases where people are no longer eligible to keep their plan from home because they have been living in China for more than two years.  This would end continuation of coverage and can be tragic for people who develop medical conditions while abroad.