Group Health Insurance for International Schools

All international schools need to have group health insurance for their teachers, local employees and students at their school. This is highly important for the teachers when they apply for a position at a school, and is extremely essential for the students and their families. There are a multitude of companies that supply these services in Asia and it can be a little overwhelming and rather difficult to decide which company best suits people’s needs. It can also be highly expensive, so a school needs to choose wisely. 

Many of health insurance companies are highly active in the East Asian Council of Schools, The Association of International Schools of India and The Association of China and Mongolia Schools.

With teachers it can be simple because the international school may have a very good health insurance policy in their benefits package that will cover the teacher and their dependants, but some teachers may have to find their own company. This is best done by talking to other teachers and finding out which company they used.

Insurance is a protection you buy but hope you are never going to use but schools are best prepared to have it when risks turn into an incident or accident. Schools are at risk to a wide array of risks every day. A good insurance plan guards against problems with the schools name, school property, faculty, visitors, students and financial stability.

Most of the insurance companies have regular communications with their associated schools and have developed a wide understanding of the problems faced by this sector.

Standards in international schools are often high and there may be pressure on the teachers from parents that are paying a large amount of money to have their children educated.

One of the key things that need to be incorporated into this is sustainability insurance companies feel that this is highly important for the schools as there is constant change in staff turnover and an increasing change in the premiums paid by the schools.

Schools have to deal with foreign staff that are not accustom to some unusual methods required to get medical treatment in overseas countries. Foreign teachers are high maintenance for the schools as they want the best in medical attention at high cost facilities and require rapid and high quality treatment. This places a large financial obligation on the schools and can lead to problems with the staff when insurance claims do not go as planned.

Major hospitals can cover all types of problems. Some are a great deal more expensive than others. So teachers need to look around carefully. Many of these hospitals will have English speaking doctors, some also have professors working at them.

They will provide guidance on general medicine, vaccines, lab tests, medical certificates. Most will be open on the weekends but their might be a lack of doctors on these days. In some cases it may be difficult to book an appointment with a doctor ahead of time.

They offer different packages to suit the individual patient needs. They have the best of accommodation available including deluxe, supper deluxe, VIP, President Suit International and Premium. They will have an orthopaedic center, health screening center, children’s (Paediatric) center, cancer center, digestive center. Western and international patients are always welcome at these hospitals.

All areas of Asia have these facilities, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Malaysia. They also have then in Laos, such as Mittaphab Friendship Hospital and the Alliance International Medical Center. The Australian Embassy also have a clinic but it does not have emergency facilities. So basically no matter where you go they can cater for your needs.

Many of these insurance companies not only assist with claims but also help in where and how to seek the best medical attention in the country where the claimant resides.

These insurance companies also provide presentations at the schools to interested people and arrange hospital tours to newly arrived teachers and students.

The insurance companies also provide assistance in providing the best budgetary and administrative needs and the specialised needs of the students, teachers and dependants.

To gain the best coverage for a schools needs and to cover your teachers, students and employees it makes perfect sense to find an international insurance professional specialist. These companies can provide your school with expert and independent support and service. They provide the best international insurance plans for international schools that will permit your teachers, students and administrators to see clearly the educational problems that may need to be dealt with in a timely professional manner.

They will provide all people concerned with the best international insurance companies from all over the world. The insurance plans they offer give the best protection for your school, teachers, students and administrators. They can handle any size of school and all problems relating to it.

They will provide accurate and precise data on insurance with a dedicated and unique experience, along with the knowledge that is required in the above.

These companies provide access to wide array of experience and data and international insurance contacts that will help to deliver the best international insurance plans for your needs.

So the basis of all of this is to find the best company that suites your needs. There are huge amount of them. The best idea I can think of is to talk to other contacts in your local area. Then do some checking on the information they have provided you with. There are some companies in South East Asia that will take your money and you will receive little or no help. Stay with companies that are used by other international schools or used by close associates. 

You really do need to do your homework on this some companies will only cover you up to a certain age. After that it may be a problem for you. You need to think very carefully on this.

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