Expat Group Medical Cover

Expat Group Health Insurance

If you belong to a group that consists of 6 or more people we can help provide coverage. In most cases we are even able to get you a discount on the plan. It doesn’t matter what sort of group you belong to, we can get you covered.

Health Insurance for Groups
For the right health cover it may be that a group plan is much better for a business than individual plans. Companies that are trying to attract expats to work for them need to be sure that they look after their employees when they arrive and extras such as healthcare policies are a good addition to a benefits package.

Why should a company arrange a group policy?

It is widely considered that a group policy is better for offering cover for pre-existing conditions, which individual policies often are not. Some insurance companies do not want to offer cover for a pre-existing condition because it often means that treatment is ongoing and it is almost guaranteed that a claim is going to be made. Some workers will find it hard to get individual cover for a pre-existing condition but if it is covered in a group policy the obstacles that might otherwise prevent them from moving and starting a new life can be much more easily overcome.

It is important that employees check their group health insurance to make sure that it does cover any pre-existing conditions. This feature on the policy is called MHD – medical history disregarded. This is not something that would be applied to an individual policy, which can make it very difficult for an individual to get the right level of healthcare.

So why are insurance companies happier to cover pre-existing conditions on group policies than on individual policies? Usually it is because they will make much more money on a group policy so they can cover the cost of care much more easily. The employer can enjoy lower premiums and it also helps to cut down on administration costs and time. Group policies can also be tailored to suit including various extras such as dental benefits, maternity, personal accident and even medical evacuation if necessary.

The cost can be kept low because there are often deductibles involved and risk is spread throughout a group of people. However, insurers expect workers to use a group police much more often than they would use an individual policy. This is mainly because it is provided by the employer and they see it more as a benefit than as an essential. If they were arranging their own policy they would be less likely to seek medical treatment for minor conditions as they would be more aware of the cost. For this reason insurers often have deductibles in place so that the worker pays some of the cost of treatment upfront and then the rest is covered by the insurer.

Benefits for the employee

Those who have been covered as part of a group policy will find it easier to get cover for pre-existing conditions when they move to an individual policy because they are able to take the same benefits to their new policy. The insurer may also be happy to provide the same type of insurance policy and the same level of cover even if the worker is leaving to move to another country.

Employees also have the peace of mind of knowing that their health insurance has been taken care of by their employer, so they do not have to deal with any of the administration. When a worker is moving to a new country to begin work they have a lot to deal with, from finding a new home to meeting new co-workers and settling in – one less thing to worry about is a bonus!

Employees will also be pleased to hear that most employers will provide the healthcare insurance as part of the contract and package of benefits, so there are no additional costs involved. It may also be that family members are covered as part of the group policy, so taking the family along will not involve additional administration but this is not always the case so it is important to be clear on the details of the policy in advance so that other arrangements can be made if necessary.

Getting a group healthcare policy

Group health insurance is an option for any organization that has a minimum of three employees. Companies and organizations such as schools, hospitals, manufacturing businesses and financial institutions all offer group health insurance for employees.

Employers need to contact Asia Health to find out more about getting a group healthcare policy. With details of all the workers that the policy needs to cover, details of any specific requirements and any other information that may affect the policy. A member of the team at Asia Health will be able to work out which of our providers offers the most suitable policy and will be able to arrange it and have it in place in no time at all. Call a member of our team today for a no-obligation quote.