Healthy Family Travelling in Asia

As the temperature/rain and humidity start to increase, many people will be planning their holiday adventures. Whether it is a short getaway or a longer journey, plan a health regime before you go. We can’t so caught up in counting down the days to our holiday that we forget about how much energy we expand on making those plans to co-ordinate everyone in the family and making sure all the boxes ticked before you leave.

If you are flying, the mindset might be when I get on the plane, I will have time to relax and start my holiday. The other option is when I get to my destination I will then relax, switch off, not think about work, or other issues and finally get to have the holiday I have been looking forward to.

Next comes hoping that everything has been done and nothing has been left behind. For some people flying can be of a great concern including getting to the airport, checking in, immigration and then finding your gate. When travelling with children you need eyes in the back of your head watching out for them.

What would it look like if your schedule included how to take care of yourself and other before you started your holiday? How to be organised so when you arrive at the airport or your destination, you are already starting to feel relaxed. The you don’t have to spend two days calming down or switching off your mind from work, If you work back two weeks before you plan to go on your holiday, maybe one week for some, that’s when you start to plan.


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