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China Health Insurance plans are available to both Chinese and foreigners living in China.

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China Expat Health Cover

China Expat Health Insurance by Asia Health, We have many years of experience working in China and can provide in depth information in regards to any China health insurance related issues, and work to help you find medical insurance that offers comprehensive cover.

Asia Health maintains close relationships with the major international and China insurance companies . That way we can offer our clients the best insurance plans at highly competitive prices. We get paid by the insurer only if you decide to purchase the plan, you will never have to pay extra for working with us .

Remember that our expatriate insurance brokers represent you, not the insurance companies, so we can offer you unbiased advice on any International Medical Insurance Plan.

Our extensive knowledge of the China Expat Medical Insurance Plans, guarantees that you will be provided with the best coverage where and when you need it. As China Medical Insurance brokers, we bring you expert advice on Expat Medical Insurance Plans.

China Medical Cover for Expats

In recent years China and its major cities of Beijing and Shanghai have became some of the most desired destinations for expats, despite the health risks such as air pollution China has a increasing expat population that’s aware of these health risks and should prepare accordingly with health insurance plans that can be relied upon when healthcare is needed.

Health and medical issues for expats in China used to be simple. If you had a medical or health problem, you would leave China as soon as possible to get professional health care back home. Expats in China have more options now, but they come at a price. Hospitals and clinics in places like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suzhou now provide international-level medical treatment — but will charge you just as much as facilities in the West. Buying insurance and medical coverage in China is getting more complicated, but help is available. There are plenty of qualified experts who can help you analyse your family healthcare needs and find the best solution for you unique household situation.

Hospitals in China have gotten better – and more expensive. We used to be quite skeptical about international healthcare policies that covered outpatient care because it was so cheap — and of questionable effectiveness – in China. Nowadays the major cities in China offer international-style clinics for outpatient care that rivals (or surpasses) US HMOs. Unfortunately, the advances in care have been accompanied by advances in pricing.

Local & international health insurance plans that provide direct billing payment options, which simply means any hospital or healthcare provider in China can simply bill the insurance company directly for its medical care services, making the process of receiving healthcare exactly when you need it most easy and convenient.

International Standard Healthcare in China

It comes as no surprise that many of the top private hospitals in Shanghai bear more resemblance to 5 star hotels than they do to their sister facilities in Europe or the USA . Despite this environment of comfort and luxury, private hospitals in Shanghai are struggling to compete with the services offered by the public sector. This is mainly due to the fact that public hospitals have a better reputation from offering treatment for longer periods of time, this has allowed them to capture the loyalty of millions of devoted patients. Then there is another major concern, money. The state health insurance scheme allows policyholders to claim for their treatments if they visit public hospitals, but generally not if they use private facilities. This has lead to a number of leading hospitals struggling to find the patients that they need in order to carry on business.

There are approximately 20 world class private hospitals in Shanghai , when compared to the 500 odd public medical facilities located throughout the Shanghai metropolitan area, this number seems woefully low. 96.1% of all the hospitals beds in the city belong to public hospitals and it is these same facilities that own the market share of both in-patient and out-patient treatments, because it is impractical for a majority of Chinese citizens to spend so much on healthcare. There is hope for the troubled private medical industry in Shanghai however, with the city experiencing its highest growth levels ever, more and more foreign nationals are visiting or choosing to permanently relocate there.

It are these newcomers that are helping to drive the Shanghai private healthcare industry, primarily because they are doubtful as to the quality of treatments offered in the public medical facilities. This leads them to hospitals and doctors that are more in line with what they are traditionally used to, as well as the high costs associated with the higher quality. The Shanghaineese healthcare system is in an interesting stage in its development where both the public, due to Chinese nationals, and private, due to expatriates, healthcare services are thriving; and because the foreign nationals are used to traditionally high medical costs, the private healthcare infrastructure seems comparatively normal. This is not to say that these treatments will be cheap, rather that when compared to the costs associated with care in a country like the USA , they are much lower.

Compare quotes from trusted health insurers for emergency and general medical care at international hospitals and clinics across China. China Health Insurance plans are available to both Chinese and foreigners living in China.

Keeping yourself safe and looked after as an China expat means having a reliable and solid China health insurance policy.

Whilst health coverage for China expats can be more expensive whilst living overseas than at home, there are ways of minimizing the impact on your pocket.

First of all, it helps to understand the basics of how insurance premiums are calculated and the variables which fit into the equation.

Age is obviously one of the biggest factors. You can’t of course make yourself younger, but you can shop around as different plans and different insurers take this factor into account differently which of course results in different premiums.

With so many packages and options on the market, it’s easy to get bogged down in details and end up being covered for certain things which you may not require – so work out what you really need.

Think about what kind of coverage is essential – you may be offered full coverage which covers things like pregnancy which can add to the overall cost significantly.

Does your health insurance include an medical emergency evacuation plan? No doubt this is something which is great to have. But you may feel that your budget doesn’t stretch so far and that you are confident enough to be treated in local facilities should something serious happen.

So think carefully about the minimum you need for peace of mind, and make a list of these items. Once you’ve done that, you will be better equipped to find a policy which matches your needs and doesn’t stretch your wallet too far.

In terms of geography, most China expat health insurance policies offer worldwide cover, or worldwide excluding the USA. Due to the high cost of the American medical system, premiums for packages which entitle the holder to cover in the United States can cost twice as much. So it’s a no-brainer to buy cover that excludes the US if you never find yourself in the US.

Insurers may also offer even cheaper policies based on China only country coverage, but be careful that you will be covered where you need to be.

Generally speaking, for most expats living in China who are not American expats, worldwide excluding US cover is a popular option, but if you do not plan to be outside of China for any specific length of time, then cover for China alone will bring down price.

Some insurers also offer very customizeable plans which enable you to select co-pays, coinsurance or deductibles which reduce premiums but may require you to pay for more treatment as and when you require it.

When living in China things can go wrong, which is why its important that yourself and your loved ones are insured and covered for healthcare costs if the worst should happen.

You will find world class western managed and staffed medical centres in China, however they do charge a premium, by having out a health insurance plan, you cover yourself for these costs and will be able to receive some of the best medical care in the world.

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International employee health insurance cover.
When employees embark on business travel, they want to know that they are financially protected in the event of an accident. At the same time, employers want to safeguard their valuable human resources by mitigating their travel risks. Business Travel Accident Insurance from Shanghai Living’s partners provides essential coverage and peace of mind.

China Direct billing health insurance.
To make your claims process more convenient, major hospitals and medical centres in Shanghai have established direct billing with numerous international insurance companies.

For patients insured by these companies, the hospitals and medical centres will bill the insurance company directly for your visit; patients only need to pay the charges not covered by their insurance policy.

Get China expat health insurance protection for you and your family. The plans are designed to meet the requirements of most situations and budgets. International health insurance cover you can depend on.