Health Insurance for Expats in Asia

We make it easier for expats in Asia to enjoy and benefit from their time spent abroad by presenting the best health insurance options available on the market.

These highly competitive plans can offer special rates and convenient lump sum payments for premiums.

With every Asia expat case there is a story to tell but regardless of its plot, each and every expat living in Asia needs to consider purchasing expat health insurance coverage for the period of their stay in Asia.

It doesn’t matter which of these cases you belong; as an expat in Asia it is always safe to have health insurance coverage with you for your peace of mind and for that of your family, if they live with as well on a foreign land. So, before you read on the following lines you should consider the duration of your stay and also your budget when you need to choose the right expat health insurance plan.

Choosing a long term expat health insurance coverage means that your stay in another country will last longer than one year. These plans are designed to offer coverage for expats who live in a foreign country for more than one year and provide worldwide coverage throughout a policy that lasts for as long as your stay will require. Long term polices are also applicable in your home country as well allowing you to benefit from a number of visits throughout the year.

This type of coverage will operate in the same way as the short term health insurance does: providing coverage for emergency evacuation to the closest medical center in case of severe illnesses that cannot be treated in the specific location.